The Moores


Acrylic on Canvas

Every painter can paint a portrait, but all painters are going to have a different way of expressing the way they see your family and loved ones.

They say choosing an artist to commission a portrait is instinctive. You know by instinct if an artist’s body of work connects with you.

I believe the above painting communicates a feeling of love between each member of the family experiences when they all get together.

5 steps to commissioning a portrait:

1) Describe the subjects. Who they are. Provide me with some photos.

2) Choose the dimensions. Pieces are priced (length by width x 3).

3) Step three has been decided for you. Paintings are acrylic on canvas.

4) Payment of 1/2 the full cost is up front before commencing work. I mock up a general outline and send it to you for approval to move forward with the layout and we will text/email the piece back and forth one or two more times during the process for your comments.

5) Second payment due upon completion and prior to shipping. Shipping will generally cost around $100 and I will have an exact cost for you depending on size. I prefer FedEx – signature requires. Their packaging is clean and professional.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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