Born: 1977
From: Jackson, Wyoming

Melchor Moore is a mid-career artist who began his exhibition history in the Pacific Northwest.  He emerged onto the Portland art scene as many artists do, hanging his art in pizza parlors and office spaces, and then quickly moved on to street art fairs.

Will Call Gallery, in the Everett Station Lofts, was Moore’s first exhibition in a gallery (2018), with success selling to a buyer living in Tokyo, Japan.

Today, Moore’s art practice resembles more that of an art dealer, as he hosts exhibition events in boutique hotels and using the hotels’ catering services.  In 2019, he was the host of “Portland’s Premier Emerging Artists” exhibition, combining the works of other Portland artists into a multi-artist show that presented works for sale one night only.  In 2021 he replicated the pop-up gallery model, hosting a similar event in May of 2021 at a luxury boutique hotel in Jackson, WY, but this time for a solo-artist show and continues to develop and implement new marketing techniques to draw in public viewers and clients.

The artwork of Melchor Moore is solely acrylic on canvas paintings.  He paints what he originally deemed to be figurative-genre art (human figures among specific settings and usually doing something), but has gone on to receive published art criticism that describes his art as “fauvist with an impressionist’s eye,” (an 1800s style that uses bold colors not representative of what is seen in nature) and comparable with “Western Rococo,” in reference to his use of decorative asymmetrical lines and brush strokes, but western, because of his subject matter.

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